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William C. Burton As Author: Burton's Legal Thesaurus

In 1980 Mr. Burton created the first and only legal thesaurus in the history of the legal profession. Justice William O. Douglas wrote the introduction to the book after he determined it was unique and needed by lawyers. Since that time judges, partners, and professors have all used the book to assist them as they draft briefs, documents and even correspondence.



Kenneth A. Sagat as Co-Author with Joshua Ronen: Combining a Free Market and Single-Payer System Will Provide More Options

Republicans will no doubt hate the single payer default option but will love the pure free market. Democrats will no doubt hate the pure free market but love the single payer alternative. No doubt too there must be debate concerning the amount of subsidization to be borne by taxpayers, but that debate needs to be informed by transparent cost information. Maybe love and hate can ideologically cancel each other out in the interest of an economically sensible policy.

Originally published in The Hill on July 31, 2017 and available at


Kenneth A. Sagat: Key Questions Revisited By Successful Negotiators

How do you assess your risks and potential rewards?
How do you think your counter-party assesses its risks and potential rewards?
How do you think your counter-party thinks that you assess both your and its respective risks and potential rewards?


Kenneth A. Sagat as Co-Author with Joshua Ronen: Not Accounting for Algorithmic Trading May Skew Settlements

Since 2005, algorithmic trading, particularly high-frequency trading executed in milli-seconds (HFT), has dramatically changed the secondary equity securities markets, both absolutely and as a proportion of total trading volume.


Kenneth A. Sagat as Co-Author with Joshua Ronen: The Public Auditor as an Explicit Insurer of Restatements: A Proposal to Promote Market Efficiency

We present a radical and admittedly ambitious proposal for reform of the public auditor-client relationship. We suggest the creation of incentives to permit public auditors to form, as an optional matter, audit risk insurers to assume the risk of a deficient public audit.



Joshua Ronen and Kenneth A. Sagat: Comment to Basel Committee on Banking Supervision re: Balancing Risk Sensitivity, Simplicity and Comparability

The Committee has requested comment concerning the availability of additional metrics for consideration. We feel compelled to point out that the FASB has an exposure draft (“ED”) outstanding regarding the measurement of financial instruments which if a and then followed substantially bythe IASB will result in the emergence of an additional metric.


Joshua Ronen and Kenneth A. Sagat: Comments on Exposure Draft, Amendments to FASB Interpretation No. 46(R)

In this paper we address the first question in the Exposure Draft (“ED”) for which you elicit comments, i.e., whether the proposed amendments are responsive to the objectives of the project.


Joshua Ronen and Kenneth A. Sagat: Comment in Response to Notice of Proposed Rulemaking Regarding FAS 166/167

In our view, the proposed capital standards do not appear to fully reflect the 2009 GAAP modifications and are inconsistent with the objectives of the present Risk-Based Capital Guidelines by not acknowledging the provisions of FAS 167 which provide for the separate classification of those consolidated assets and liabilities that do not increase risks to the consolidating banking institution. The full provisions of FAS 167 should be explicitly acknowledged and applied to the determination of capital ratios.